Geographic Information Systems

 EOSGIS has over 15 years experience in GIS services to businesses and individuals, conducting GIS projects

In EOSGIS we specialize in sourcing, processing and treatment of geographic data using commercial software and our own software, specially programmed to meet our and client's needs.

  We can provide geographical data for both GIS professionals and users of multimedia applications.


  • Preparation of geographic databases,

  • Treatment and adaptation of geographic data, projections, datum, GIS formats ...

  • Cartography Scanning,

  • Mapping with multimedia integration,

  • Calculation of DEM, shaded relief,

  • Consulting

  • Courses and training

If you have a project related with geographic information systems, multimedia, three-dimensional animation, mapping,  internet, or any other project related services developed in EOSGIS, our experience allows us to offer consulting and management services.


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