Cartography Digitizing

 All you need to tell us is the aproximate area you want to digitize or provide us with the cartography you would like to digitize as well as the features you want to be included (towns, rivers, roads, mountains...)
 At EOSGIS we make a heads up digitizing (non automatic) with a constant control over the digitalized features.

 If you require Planimetric or Altimetric digital Data we can digitize or search for it.



  • Geocoding: We can geocode your client's addresses or data so you can make spatial geoanalisys.(for GIS or Google maps, Google Earth...)
  • Planimetry Digitising:  We can provide you with the planimetric features organized based on type or it's characteristics (ASCII, GIS formats, KML, KMZ, DXF,ArcView,DGN, EET,TEMPS, PlaNET...
  • Altimetry: Each point, line or polyline will have its height associated. We can provide several GIS formats.
  • Vegetation, geology: We can digitize this type of carthography and provide you with correct topology features.
  • If you work in a Telecom company, we can provide you with Clutter files from these data.


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